2009-04-30 16:11:34 by evilchickennugget

it for once got a decent score.


knox's korner kollab update

2009-02-21 04:04:12 by evilchickennugget

The Knox's korner kollab is still going.
I've finished my part.
so far mattuiop has joined and I'm looking forward to seeing his one.
the deadline is the fifth of april so youve got a long time to finish your movie.

Knox's Korner Kollab

2009-02-18 13:32:44 by evilchickennugget

remake your favorite klay world or zacharee and ga moments.
FPS: 12,13,14,15
length: 15 seconds- 2 minutes
Music: none
audio: I would like the audio to be in seperate chunks of sentences
submission: send the movie in swf format.
try not to make it exactly the same and feel free to use your own unique figures instead of blue blobs.
when you're done email the movie
look forward to seeing you're cartoons.